Welps. Girl Meets World is disappointing.

Farkle is totally gay.

Scratch that. Farkle is totally not meant to chase after two girls.

I have to avoid certain foods because they trigger really shitty migraines and for some reason, Kenny thought that almonds were one of those.

He had a kind of granola bar but it was all almonds and he offered me a bite and right as I bite into it, he yells STOP DIANA DON’T EAT THAT and he’s holding his hand out as if he’s about to slap the food out of my mouth and I’m just chewing and staring at him because I knew exactly what he’s thinking and watching him yell at me to spit it out is just too funny. Plus it was really delicious and my health isn’t gonna stop me like damn I’m lactose intolerant and I will still eat piles of ice cream yolo swag.