reading in bed while Kenny rolls over in his sleep to cling onto me

One last story about me being a big baby (which should hopefully stop now because school is finally over):

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This summer has given me a lot of stress and there have been moments where I will just burst into tears for no reason. It usually happens around Kenny and the first time it happened, he was driving and he was like DIANA. DIANA LOOK AT ME. WHAT’S WRONG. WHY ARE YOU CRYING and just freaking out and I’m sitting there with tears running down my face xD

Yesterday we were doing homework and eating chips and he stops to talk to me as he pulls a chip out of the bag. And I stop. And stare at the chip. And it’s a large deliciously folded kettle cooked chip that’s all folded up and I need to have it so I hold out my hand and wiggle my fingers and indicate that I must have the chip and he’s like, “What? You want water? My pen? ….what? You want the chip?” I nod vigorously. “No. It’s mine.” “BUT IT LOOKS SO YUMMY.” “Fine.” Then he holds it out and pulls it away from me and he keeps doing it and I’m fighting him for it. “Kenny stop I’m gonna cry!” And I can feel the emotion welling up so I’m completely serious but he thinks I’m kidding cause I always say it so he keeps doing it and he’s laughing at me. I give up and my head drops onto the table and I just burst into tears. “D-Diana. Are you seriously crying? Because I won’t give you the chip? I’m going to make this my Facebook post.” “I DON’T KNOW WHY I’M CRYING IT JUST HAPPENED.”

I got the chip in the end and it was as delicious as it looked but he keeps making fun of me.

Lol he told me he wasn’t going to buy ne an engagement ring and I started to tear up.

He hugged me and told me I was pretty and I burst into tears.

We were saying goodbye and I burst into tears.

Good thing he puts up with me hehehehe.

There is a guy in our Math class that Kenny calls Beautiful Legs because he has long, muscular legs and he always wears booty shorts.

You know your boyfriend is perfect when he lets you put your cold feet up his shorts during class.